Scuola di Vino is the only Natural Wine Importer-Distributor in the US whose focus is completely dedicated  to Italian Wines. We work exclusively with small producers that are committed to natural methods of grape growing and wine making. These non-interventionist practices bring extra layers of flavor and complexity and are the fundamentals of a genuine and healthy wine.

Scuola di Vino’s Commandments:

  • Organically or biodynamically grown grapes only.
  • Dry-farmed, low-yielding vineyards.
  • Hand-picked.
  • No added sugars and no foreign yeast
  • No adjustments for acidity.
  • No additives for color, mouth-feel, minerality, etc.
  • No external flavor additives, including those derived from new oak barrels, staves, chips, or liquid extract.
  • Minimal or no fining or filtration (no filtration at all is ideal)
  • No manipulation
  • Little or no added sulphites (no sulphur at all is ideal)
  • We stay away from high alcohol wines and fruit bombs
  • We don’t follow any wine critics magazine
  • We don’t bring in wines that we don’t like just because they will sell like most Importers do

“Our wines are bold and emotional, deeply rooted in the past but projected into the future. Our wines are alive and made without preservatives and any chemicals to adjust or stabilize. Taste is always in perspective  and will improve and evolve with age. Flavors are non-standard and can be wild and unpredictable” by G.P.