A collaboration between two masters: Brewery Cantillon and Cantina Giardino. The Sophia Greco’s Vinacce after 6 months in small clay Anfore are removed and sent to the Cantillon Brewery. Then they are mixed with a 3 year old Cantillon Lambic where they macerate and ferment for about a year.

Cantillon Sophia Lambic will be available in small quantities in California around June 2023.


Cantillon Drogone Lambic is a three-year old lambic macerated for 10 weeks with 300 kilograms of Aglianico grape vinacce. Before blending with the lambic, the grapes underwent a 3-month pellicular maceration in chestnut barrels.

This bottling and its label is based off of Cantina Giardino’s Drogone Wine and this is an amazing collaboration between the brewery and the winery.

Cantillon Drogone will be available mostly in California around June 2023.

New Killer Bianco “Carricat” by Alessandro Viola

The new blend “Carricat” by Alessandro Viola has finally arrived and I recently had the opportunity to try it in New York – probably one of the best whites I have had in 2022. Just gorgeous. The gentle and stylish Carricante (70%), grown at 500 mt facing north, is co-fermented with the more sturdy and intense Catarratto (30%). A few hours on skin, then pressed and aged for a few months in fiber glass (a much better vessel than steel). Salty and mineral with notes of white flowers and yellow fruit. Plenty of acid and freshness but also depth and texture. Sicily in a glass – with a classic profile and yet natural. Carricante has less tannins than Grillo and seems to thrive in cooler sites. My heart has always been with the entry level Note di Bianco (100% Grillo) but I have to say that the new Carricat has an extra gear. It’s a step up for sure with more elegance and finesse. Bravo Alessandro….you have done it again! Send us an email at to see what other wines of Alessandro are available along with new arrivals.