Il maestro del vino sfuso – Giulio Stefanini

Giulio Stefanini is the top vino sfuso maker in Tramonti. Vino sfuso is wine that you drink every day at the family table. He fills empty Heineken bottles of this awesome juice and there is no label whatsoever. It is true Vino Naturale (natural wine) because there is nothing to preserve it and nothing is used in the vineyards.Everything is done by hand and the wine is elevated in glass demijohns.It’s not for sale but it’s for family and friends only. I am lucky enough to be a friend of Giulio and every time I visit Tramonti, he shows up at the door with a few bottles of his Bianco (peppella, biancatenera e ginestra), his Rosso (tintore), a bag of porcini mushrooms, a couple of his homemade salami (his salame is also legendary) and a few cases of apples. His wine has a bit of spuma at times (CO2) and there is nothing better to drink with the local cuisine. It is rustic, fruity, gamey, drinkable and complex in its simplicity. I have been begging Giulio to consider putting a label on part of his production so that I can bring it all the way to the US but Giulio is a stubborn man and I doubt that I will ever be able to share his awesome sfuso with my firends in SF.

Below some photos of Giulio in action and a photo of mamma Rosaria having some pane e biscotto, some of Giulio’s Sfuso in a Heineken bottle, and an awesome fresh pecorino.
DSCN0994 DSCN0995 DSCN0996RSCN1050

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