The wines of Montegrazia are finally here!!

Tramonti is one of the few pre-phylloxera areas in Italy thanks to its natural isolation. It’s completely surrounded  by mountains and facing the sea. It’s divided in 13 picturesque tiny towns and most families still live off agriculture.

Dr.Arpino from Monte di Grazia is my opinion the best and most ethical  wine producer of the area. He works naturally and only with indigenous grapes. There is no cheating in his wines. Falanghina (that doesn’t belong to this zone), for example, is not used in his white. Also, there is a rumor that the other wineries in the zone buy fermented must from Avellino or Benevento to produce more wine or to elevate the alcohol level. But at Monte di Grazia things are done right.

Dr.Arpino makes 3 wines: Monte di Grazia Bianco (Pepella, Ginestra, Bianca Tenera), Rosato (Tintore and Moscio), and Rosso (Tintore and Piedirosso). The soils are of volcanic origin and the centenarian vines are cultivated organically. If something hits, peronospera especially, he can easily lose most of his production. The vinification is natural with just a bit of sulphur used at bottling. The elevage is in steel and large chestnut botti. No French, American or Slovenian oak is used but local old-school chestnut.

The total production is 5.000 bottles. The wines are clean, minerally, smoky, and firm. They can easily age for 10-15 years.

We brought in small quantities and we recently obtained our license to sell to individuals online. We will update our website soon, making it easy to purchase wine online.

DSCN1037DSCN0970  DSCN0960DSCN0961RSCN0975DSCN0965  DSCN0971 RSCN0942 DSCN0941


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