Aglianico Le Fole

le fole 07Cantina Giardino was born as a winery in 2003 to “save old vines”…that was their focus. Old vines…50 year old and up…and old original clones and traditional training system called Raggiera Tipica Avellinese similar to the Pergola system.
Currently Cantina Giardino is the only winery in Campania that only uses the Raggiera Tipica…..other wineries use the more productive GUYOT or SPALLIERA. This old system produces less fruit, more flavor, more acid and less alcohol.
The viticulture is organic. The approach to wine-making is natural. Grapes are squeezed by hand in an old TORCHIO and sulphur
is not used during fermentation and it’s not used at bottling.
LE FOLE which means the fairy tales goes through 30 days of maceration…..1 year in large chestnut botti…..1 year in the bottle. The flysh soils are of volcanic origin.

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